Speed Up Your Sale

The key to presenting your property in the best possible light.

A few simple changes around your home can help speed up the sales process and even increase the value of your property. First impressions really do count, so make sure the first thing your buyer sees is a tidy exterior.


Spend time cleaning or repaint the front door and make sure your door furniture is looking really great. Put a sparkle on all of those windows! If you have a front garden – plant flowers, trim bushes, weed, make sure the path or driveway is swept clean. These small touches can instantly make your home appear more welcoming.



Now that your buyer is happily through the door, here are our top interior tips:


Spring clean.

Cleanliness and tidiness should never be underestimated; clean each room top to bottom. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen, make sure all surfaces are gleaming. If you ‘still’ have carpet in your bathroom consider replacing it with vinyl flooring as it promotes a greater sense of hygiene.


A proper clean will also make your home smell fresh and appealing. Use air fresheners and candles to get rid of any faint smells, especially if you have pets and really do make sure your carpets and rugs have been thoroughly cleaned.


Eliminate clutter.

Clutter doesn’t sell homes; it makes them seem smaller and disorganised. Get rid of all the clutter in your home, either throw it away or store it neatly, well out of sight. All floors and surfaces should be clutter-free.


Sort out those shelves. You should all know the importance of a well-presented shelf. Avoid overfilling them. Use them to neatly display plants, flowers and a small number of attractive books and adornments. Even those cupboards should be neatly organised in case sneaky guests start peeking.


Fix it.

A dripping tap or a cracked tile isn’t something a potential buyer wants to see; these types of things will send the wrong message! From removing grubby sealant to replacing damaged areas of your floorings or walls, having all problems fixed before putting your house on the market is a smart idea.


Make it appealing.

All windows should have blinds or curtains but avoid nets at all costs. Make sure curtains are pulled or tied back and blinds are fully open to allow for plenty of light to flood your rooms. Use mirrors to make rooms appear bigger. Remove personal photos – you want buyers to imagine themselves living in your house, which can be hard to imagine when there are photos of strangers smiling at you around every corner.


Here’s the neutral colours bit – potential buyers walking through your home will be able to plan to put their own stamp on the house without having to remove yours first. If necessary, paint all your walls white – yes, it may take a while but it will be worth it in the end.


Leave your doors open.

Immediately introduce a sense of space and make prospective buyers feel welcome and free to wander around your home by leaving doors open. Try to ensure that focal selling points of a room can be seen from the doorway so that people are drawn in and impressed. Repaint or retreat doors if they are looking a little shabby, and it goes without saying that they should function without any difficulties.


Make your house look perfect but lived in.

Some nice touches like fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit works wonders. All bed linen should ideally be white or neutral, clean and neatly ironed. Plump up pillows and drape a throw over the end of your bed for added cosiness. Pull furniture slightly away from walls and remove any items of furniture that are taking up unnecessary amounts of space. Ensure all tables are free from clutter – remember: no clutter anywhere!


We know it sounds like we’re telling you to turn your house into a model show home but it’s still important that it looks lived in, so prospective buyers can see it’s potential as their home.

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